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Week 1

Port of Olympia

Lumber Yard 1
Port of Olympia logs.
Lumber Yard 2
Heavy equipment at the Port of Olympia’s lumber yard.
Port of Olympia

These images are all taken in a set of three shots bracketed at .7 stops. So, what the heck does that mean? Basically, I took one shot that is exposed “correctly” meaning, the standard way a camera will take a photo on full auto (like a cell phone, point and shoot camera, etc.). Then I took one shot that was .7 of a step under exposed to get the details in the highlights, and then a shot that was .7 of a step over exposed to the get the details in the shadows.

I then use a software program called Photomatix to combine the images to create the final product. For my fellow photographers, you can find the software at the following site: I’m using Photomatix Pro, which I purchased back in October of 2008. Luckily, they keep your license key on file for people like me who lose that sort of info. 🙂

I will be playing with the number of shots, the range of exposure steps, etc. as I do this journey. My next group, for week two will be a set of five shots bracketed at 1 full stop each.

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