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Week 10

This week is about the struggle for new life and the tenacity living organisms have to succeed. I was trying to come up with theme, or subject, for the week and mid-way through, my wife’s youngest sister gave birth to a little boy. This little guy has two very loving parents, and a huge host of love and support from extended family and friends. Reason for bringing that up is, this little boy was diagnosed with a heart condition approximately a month prior to birth. My sister-in-law and her husband had planned to do a home birth with a midwife, but after getting this news, the plans changed and they gave birth at a children’s hospital somewhat near them. This young couple, and their little boy, are surrounded by family and supported by a team of doctors to help foster that tenacity to succeed in the face of a serious struggle.

With the groundwork set, and a theme that hit me like a MAC Truck, my camera and I ventured out to tell this story my way.

Moss and stone two
Moss and stone 2
Moss and stone one
Moss and stone 1
Tenacity six
Tenacity 6
Tenacity two
Tenacity 2
New buds two
New buds 2
Spring Blooms
Spring Blooms
Tenacity five
Tenacity 5
Tenacity four
Tenacity 4

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