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Week 3

This was an interesting, and challenging week for the project. It is early January and we have had our Pacific Northwest stereotypical grey days with low cloud cover and fog. These are generally not the photographer’s best conditions to shoot. I set out with the goal to find scenes that had a fair amount of contrast in spite of the grey and see how the HDR process would react. I also set out to see what the results would look like when shooting in black and white.

At the moment I’m working mostly on figuring out how the scene in front of me will translate once the software processes the images. When I was in college and took photos all the time, I was pretty comfortable in knowing what the printed image would look like before I exposed the film. Since I have not been in the habit of creating images for a very long time, I am back to trying to get there again.

I’m shaking the blog up again a little in how I present my week’s results. I’ve picked two images that spoke to me the most and I’ll discuss why. Towards the bottom of the page is a mini gallery of images from the week. I feel like they help show the journey in this project, but also didn’t feel like I needed to speak to them individually.

Railroad tracks
Railroad tracks

These train tracks run behind our neighborhood and with the line of trees, the tracks themselves, and the limited visible sky, there was a fair amount of contrast in colors and lighting that produced an image I really like. I was playing some with lines of sight, the photographer’s “rule of 3rd’s,” and the combination of nature and industry. This image turned out pretty close to what I had imagined when I setup the shot. What I find fascinating with HDR photography is trying to reconcile in my mind what I see (colors, lighting, contrast, etc.), with what I know the base image the camera will capture and present, and what the final HDR processed image will look like.

Percival Cove number 1 Black and White
Percival Cove #1 Black & White

This image was an experiment. I’ve never tried doing black and white with HDR. After revisiting my camera’s manual, I discovered I could do auto bracketing not only in color, but in several other shooting modes, including black and white. After learning this I felt it was worth trying since the world around me was already washed out in shades of gray. The results remind me a lot of what I was able to create in the dark room with my old black and white film….and a lot of post processing work.

These are the rest of images I had been happy with, but didn’t do enough to help me towards my goal.

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