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Week 4

The sun came out! I decided to continue to explore a theme that I mentioned last week, but promptly forgot about. The theme of industry and nature draws me constantly. My lovely wife commented that it was something I have explored in the past and when she read it in last week’s post, it triggered again for her. I had to go back and re-read my post since I didn’t remember writing it. Sure enough, there it was and spending time thinking about it, I realized it really is a theme I enjoy.

Port Cranes
Port Cranes

I decided to explore a technique that I used to use a lot but had moved into the standard “point and shoot” method of photography. I started playing again with depth of field.

Blue Glass two
Blue Glass 2

This is the technique of selective focus keeping your primary subject in focus, while causing everything in front of, and behind, out of focus by adjusting the f-stop on the camera lens. If you have ever looked into an older lens and noticed that you could turn and external ring on the lens and the opening inside the lens would open bigger, or close down smaller, that is the mechanics of adjusting the f-stop. If the number is large, say f-22, then the opening is very small and the depth of field is very deep (everything is in focus from close to far). This is very common with landscape images. If the number is small, f-2, then the portion of the image in focus is very small and is usually what you see with macro photography.

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