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Week 5

This was a tough week. Rain was a major player for most of the week. Additionally, I had a training class that was draining and didn’t leave much energy to get out to shoot. I decided to just carry my camera with me and watch for interesting lighting situations during most of the week. Sunday, before the Superbowl, was very nice and I headed out to the McLane Nature Trail to create some images.

I enjoyed the lighting and clouds on this day and went looking for the scene to make bring it together. The water tower, the trees and the clouds keep with my returning theme of Nature and Industry.

Water Tower
Water Tower

In between rain showers, I found this construction project and loved the look of the surface rust and the “lines” the beams formed.

PNW Construction one
PNW Construction 1

My favorite of the McLane Nature Trail images. I love creating pure nature images.

McLane Nature Trail three
McLane Nature Trail 3

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