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Week 6

Winter has taken hold of the Pacific Northwest. Our neighbors to the south, the Portland/Vancouver area, got buried under a lot of snow. The Olympia area was very cold and didn’t really experience snow until Saturday evening. I took advantage of the cold and interesting lighting effects it can bring out in the morning hours.

This is a shot I got on my way to work one morning. Capitol Lake had a fair amount of surface ice and the sunrise hitting the Capitol Dome was stunning.

The steam plant below the Capitol buildings is a favorite subject. This was taken around the same time as the above image, but due to the curve of the lake, the steam plant is in shadow. If I remember correctly, it was right around 19F that morning, and I feel this image captures the cold in the air.

One more from the same morning. These three images were my favorites from this week.

The final image I’m going to highlight for this week is a Black & White I did. On the Capitol Campus, there is a Korean War Memorial titled “The Forgotten War.” I’ve finally created an image of it that captures the impact the memorial has on me when I see it.
You can read about the memorial here: Korean War Memorial

This week was difficult to pick favorites. I captured several images I really liked, but I’ve set a goal to highlight a few of my favorites….or at least the ones that best captured the theme, or concept, I had in mind. Below is a gallery of additional images that I enjoyed. One other favorite from the week was featured in my post titled “Making of an HDR image

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