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My digital workflow

Every artist has their own workflow from start to finish. I decided some might find it interesting to discover what mine looks like.

My first step is to decide where I’m going to go and shoot. Sometimes, the location is specific and sometimes it is general. I generally have an idea in mind of the theme, and that drives the location. Once I am at the location and found a scene, or subject, that I like, I decide which lens and how many images in each auto bracket I will do. For the bulk of the first four weeks, my lens of choice has been my Olympus 14-42mm which came with the camera. It isn’t a very “fast” lens, but it fully integrates with the camera and is nice and sharp. Some of the images in week 4 were created with my SMC Pentax-A f2 50mm with the lens adapter. This lens requires more time and thought due to it being a fully manual lens (focus and aperture, or f-stop), but is a very nice unit.

After I’ve captured the images I want, I turn to my computer. I use three different software packages to process my images. First, I need to import the images into my computer and I will either directly connect my camera to my desktop, or use a memory card reader and the SD card from the camera. I use the Olympus ib image management software that came with the camera to import the images into set file structure. Next I start-up Photomatix Pro to load the bracketed photos and create the HDR image. There are a lot of choices within this application and I tend to use the same couple of pre-sets to create my images. After the HDR image is created, I save the finished full-sized image to my 52 Project media folders leaving the originals untouched. Finally, I use Google’s Picasa to crop if needed, and export at a reduced size into a sub folder for the given week. These final resized images are what I post to the blog.

After all that is complete, I log into my admin console for my WordPress Blog. I then upload my images and do my writing for the new page. I can then insert the images into the page as I like. When I’m happy with my finished product, I hit the publish button and then share the page on Facebook.

About my web hosting:
Years ago I found a web hosting company that was starting to enter the US market. 1&1 had started in Europe and was offering free hosting for three years to “get in the door.” I’ve been very happy with them over the years and once it was time to start paying, or leave, I stuck around. Their domain prices are very competitive and I’ve never had a problem with their service. Anyway, back to my process. I own my domain which is hosted at 1&1 and have WordPress installed on the site. A person could also start a WordPress blog with WordPress without having to do the install and updates. is the place to go to create a blog without using a separate hosting company. is where you can go to download the software for creating a WordPress blog with your own host.

The somewhat annoying animated image below is a referral link to my hosting company. If you are looking to host your own website(s), please check them out using the link.

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