Project has ended

I’m sure people have noticed I haven’t posted any new photos to my project for a couple of months. I hate to admit, but I got to the point where I wasn’t happy with the images I was creating, which led to me not wanting to take any photos. Feels like what I think “writers […]

Aspen Hawk

My nephew was born on March 7th at 6:45 am with a heart condition called Shone’s Syndrome. It’s been hard to focus on, and think about my photography project this week. I did take some non-HDR images of him and his mom (my sister-in-law). Since these are non-HDR….and the reason behind my distraction for the […]

Updated Gallery view

Since I like adding a gallery of my secondary images for the week, I decided to try out a slide show style gallery. Go to any of the weeks and click on one of the images in the gallery displayed a the bottom of the page. The images will then display in a slide show […]